Tally software and solutions have created its own era in the field of accounting and auditing for businesses

Use cloud technology for your TALLY account

 It has gained its existence in almost every organization as it is feasible to operate and easy to understand with easy recording of transactions.

 With the unbeatable features of Tally software, We give you the unmatachable technology of cloud computing.

We introduce you Tally on cloud which allows you to run tally services anywhere from any device having any OS.

Tally On Cloud

We introduce you Tally on cloud which allows you to run tally services anywhere from any device having any OS.

With the advanced technology of cloud features, you can run your tally account from anywhere
at anytime and from any device having any OS with utmost security, stability, privacy and

Hardware requirements

Without any Hardware requirements means that you won't require any installation charges for on-premise tally software installation as you get the services of tally software virtually controlled by your service provider. 

Tally on cloud makes your accounting easier and a lot more reliant than hosting it on-premise as tally on cloud is ensured with topmost security and privacy with utmost reliability

The exclusive features of tally on cloud speaks for itself about how beneficial it could be to the businesses and their accountants relating to auditing and recording purposes. It helps them to concentrate on their core operations while being reliant about the security and privacy of their data.

Our Best

RDP efficiency

Enjoy the highly optimized functionings of Remote desktop services which will keep you always connected even if your internet lets you down.

Maximum uptime

We ensure 99.99% of uptime with utmost reliability and take responsibility to any issue arising.

Utmost Security

We assure that your critical data is taken proper care with every instance having their own virtual machine and no one else gets access to your functionings.

Flexible Plans

We offer a wide variety of plans on the basis of yearly, half-yearly, quaterly and monthly basis to provide flexibility to different interests.

Utmost Scalability

With Tally on cloud you can simply increase the users to your plan without affecting your auditing transactions,ensuring seamless scalability.


Using cloud features, Tally on cloud makes you capable to access tally from any place at anytime and from any device using any OS.


We are ready to extend our boundaries for your customized needs and enable our customers with all the requirements they need.


We offer some highly featured with high quality cloud functionings, storage and other maintenance at affordable prices..


With Tally on cloud in charge, We provide tally on cloud with guaranteed features like privacy, security and maximum uptime with convenient RDP services. We also offer you your own customized settings to make it working in your way. Tally on cloud functions by using the server through an RDP client from any device.

Tally on cloud helps those Businesses who want to get rid of the regular server mainatainance charges. It might seem to you a costly alternative but its just the one time extra investment you have to make and all the mainatenance and other charges are managed by the service provider unlike installing it on-premise which comprise of regular hardware maintainance costs ending up to be much more expensive.

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